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REO Specialists
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Our Philosophy


The Marketing of a foreclosed property is far more urgent and complex than the selling of an owner-occupied home. This type of property is usually vacant, often is in need of rehabilitation, and always needs ongoing maintenance and constant supervision.


Our service, therefore, is far more than merely listing a property  for sale. Our goal is to provide you with an effective marketing plan coupled with a property supervision program to effect a quick, yet firm sale at the best possible price.


We service lender-owned properties exclusively. We feel that our experience in this field gives us the background necessary to better understand your goals. Our listings sell and our escrows close! We are committed to attain that goal.


Our Team


We believe we have assembled the finest team of individuals to be found in the marketing of foreclosure properties. Each member of our staff has specialty skills in marketing, property management, real estate lending and appraisal.


Our REO Division has been privileged over the past 15 years to assist many of the largest lending institutions in the country with the marketing of their foreclosure properties. We have a proven track record of selling properties at the highest possible price in the shortest possible time with the fewest complications. Our team has developed a unique tracking system that maximizes our troubleshooting capabilities and allows us total accountability.


Our Services


We offer the following services to relieve you of all the problems and details connected with your properties:


Determination of Occupancy Status and Intent
Eviction Services
Re-keying and Securing the Property
Property Value Analysis Report
Coordination of Rehabilitation and Maintenance
Multiple Listing Service
Multi-Level Marketing Program Targeting the
  Brokerage Community and the Public
Monthly Written Status Reports
Escrow Management and Follow-up

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Community Information
Community Information
Community Information
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We are Here to Help!
We are Here to Help!
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