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Lakeland FL 2 Bedroom Historic Home for Sale | 754 Park Hill Ave
Lakeland FL 2 Bedroom Historic Home for Sale | 754 Park Hill Ave
Lakeland FL 2 Bedroom Historic Home for Sale | 754 Park Hill Ave

Lakeland FL 2 Bedroom Historic Home for Sale  | 754 Park Hill Ave


Utmost convenience is what you’ll get in this comfortable Lakeland FL 2 bedroom historic home for sale. Built in 1927 and had only two previous owners, this home stands in up to 10,889 square feet of land and is located in a safe neighborhood with excellent schools nearby. The best part? The owners are ready to sell so there’s no need to wait long for a short sale or endless paperwork to fill out on a foreclosure! You can be the proud owner of this home anytime.

No more tricky short sale process or endless paper works, this Lakeland FL home for sale can be yours in an instant.

This property would make a great starter home. Imagine all the things you can do to make it a personal reflection of your own individual taste and style. For example, by adding a coat of colorful paint, you can give this living room a fresh and exciting look! A few interior touches here and there can instantly energize and transform this space.

Start a home you can call yours with this 2 bedroom Lakeland FL home for sale.

Prepare healthy and enjoyable meals for your loved ones in this functional kitchen with range and refrigerator.

Stir a delicious meal in the functional kitchen of this Lakeland FL home for sale.

Thinking of doing long-term food storage? That will never be problem as this home has ample of storage space for food and other kitchen accessories.

You will have no problem with storage in this Lakeland FL home for sale.

This Lakeland FL home for sale offers 2 bedrooms and 1 and ½ baths. Both bedrooms are cozy and sleep-friendly ensuring that you’ll wake up each morning invigorated and ready to face the day! They also have nice-sized windows allowing sufficient natural light in.

Feel refreshed and energetic after having a comfortable sleep in the charming bedrooms of this Lakeland FL home for sale.

There’s nothing better than taking a soothing, hot bath at the end of a long and tiring day. Turn this bathroom into your personal home spa complete with candles and soft music and you’ll be ready for that relaxing treat you rightfully deserve.

Indulge yourself in this beautiful Lakeland FL home for sale.

Getting your clothes and other accessories in order will just be a breeze in this home for sale in Lakeland FL as it offers spacious built in cabinets. With the right storage system, you will surely have an organized wardrobe and efficient closet in no time.

Spacious built-in cabinets add up to the many features of this Lakeland FL home for sale.

A spacious backyard completes the deal.  There’s plenty of space for the kids to play and run around. This will also be the perfect spot for summer barbecues and fun family activities.

An expansive backyard completes the deal in this Lakeland FL home for sale.

Down the street from this Lakeland FL bungalow style single family home for sale is the picturesque Lake Morton, a bird watching heaven. Just grab a bench and watch the birds - Ibis, wood storks, ducks and others - and enjoy the relaxing scenery. Or you can stroll around the beautiful architectural buildings of Frank Lloyd Wright, take a jog around Lake Hollingsworth or walk to the Polk Museum of Art. These are just some of the reasons to make this home yours.

With just a bit of love and care, this Lakeland FL home for sale can be the dream home you have always wanted.

With just a little TLC and some minor repairs, you can turn this Lakeland FL historic home into the home of your dreams! You can also visit to know more about other homes for sale in Lakeland FL.


Call this historic home in Lakeland FL yours now! Contact Petra Norris at (863) 619-6918 today send me an email at to schedule viewing.













Amortization Chart
Amortization Chart
Amortization Chart
Amortization chart – Why you should know this & use mortgage calculators 


Dollars and HomeLoan amortization schedule is an important part of the whole mortgage procedure starting from obtaining it to paying it down. This is because, you can take out a mortgage based on the amortization chart or schedule. It also helps you to plan the payments on the mortgage. Now, it may be possible for you to understand the amortization schedule, if you use a mortgage calculator, and that too an amortization specified calculator. There are in fact, various types of mortgage calculators, which are available for the usage of the homeowners or home buyers.

The amortization process

The amortization chart is the schedule with regards to how a mortgage goes on amortizing, or how the term gets subtracted, with the payments. You are required to make periodical payments on your mortgage, and so with the help of the amortization schedule you get to know how these payments get divided into the payments towards the principal and the interest on the home loan.

Now, the question is why should you get to know the amortization schedule? It is important for you to know about the schedule because, only if you can be aware of the amortization schedule, you may be able to find out the details on the loan payments, which you will be required to make against the mortgage.

Why you should know amortization schedule

You should be able to know and understand the amortization schedule because:

  1. You need to have a clear idea regarding your credit balance, which is the outstanding money still owed against the mortgage
  2. You get to know the proportion that goes toward the principal and the other portion that goes toward the interest payment
  3. You can easily plan the payments which you will be required to make against your mortgage 
  4. You get to how the change in the payments can help in changing the planning and the mortgage term

Using an amortization mortgage calculator

In order use an amortization calculator, you will be required to find an online website which offers free usage of such calculators. Most of these calculators require you to provide some basic details, with regards to your home loan. Some of the most common basic details, which you are required to submit or provide, are:

  1. The home loan amount 
  2. The term of the home loan 
  3. The interest rate charged on the mortgage 
  4. The start date with regards to the payments 

In addition to the above, you may also be required to choose as to which amortization schedule you would need. There are two types of amortization schedule, and these are the show by month, and show by year schedules. However, the details which you will be required to provide can vary as per the amortization calculator provided by a website. 

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